Chalkboard of haiku 111

©Richard Jodoin

Background photo : photographer Andrew Love in 1946.
North High School in Worcester, Massachusetts.

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Thank you Konidolfine, you have a nice 78 rpm record collection.

Rudy Vallee and His Connecticut Yankees
Vocal refrain by Rudy Vallee
Victor 22473

Haiga of football 52

View From The SkyIllustrator : ???
The original cover, here.
Thanks to the University of Idaho.
Yours Idaho Vandals Football Program Covers Collection is enjoyable.
This one especially dating from 1934.

Haiku : Richard Jodoin

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Haiga of football 50

Running Deep SouthOriginal title «O.J.Simpson breaks for daylight» The Modern Game
1969 History of College Football Chevrolet sports art by Arnold Friberg
To see the original painting and the three others paintings of the set, here.

Beautiful work of Arnold Friberg (1913-2010)
Official website, here and also a biography there.
Thank you very much Monsieur Friberg.

Haiku & Haiga: Richard Jodoin

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Chalkboard of haiku 53

©Richard Jodoin

If you need a little help to understand the haiku, please read the following excerpt
from an article of the University of Texas History Corner.

« While a few players strapped nose guards over their faces, most went without any protection. Instead, they grew their hair longer, and at game time wrapped bandages around their heads and over the tops of ears (to prevent ears from being pulled and torn), which pushed the hair up into a mop. The mat of hair was supposed to be sufficient cushioning to prevent severe injuries.»
And… The name of this mat of hair : chrysanthemum-haired.

The complete article, here.
And a humorous cover of  Puck magazine at the Library of Congress, there.