Chalkboard of haiku 123

©Richard Jodoin

Background illustration : Henry Alonzo Keller (Lon Keller) 1907-1995

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Haiga of football 76

Haiku ©Richard Jodoin
Illustration ©Robert Weaver, 1964
from Sports illustrated, November 2, 1964
Robert Weaver  1924-1994

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Haiga of football 56

Fourth QuarterIllustrator : ???
Below the original illustration.
Maybe an illustration for a football program cover of the New-York Giants.

Haiku & haiga : Richard Jodoin

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Haiga of football 50

Running Deep SouthOriginal title «O.J.Simpson breaks for daylight» The Modern Game
1969 History of College Football Chevrolet sports art by Arnold Friberg
To see the original painting and the three others paintings of the set, here.

Beautiful work of Arnold Friberg (1913-2010)
Official website, here and also a biography there.
Thank you very much Monsieur Friberg.

Haiku & Haiga: Richard Jodoin

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