San Jose State College Cheerleaders circa 1957


Haiga of football 65

Onto The FieldHaiku ©Richard Jodoin

Original photo ©Eli Reed, 1998 from Magnum
The legend : Eli Reed USA. Illinois. Chicago. 1998.
Football practice at Martin Luther King High School on the side of the road.
The football field is scheduled for completion in 2000.

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Thank you very much Monsieur Eli Reed

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Haiga of football 62

Spring BreezeHaiku ©Richard Jodoin

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35mm Kodachrome by Marvin E. Newman for Look Magazine, 1957.
Thank you monsieur Newman, you’re a great photographer !

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Haiga of football 60

Spring-breeze-old-scoreboardPhoto : Library of Congress

Haiku : Richard Jodoin

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Source : http://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/hhh.nj1029.photos.113160p/

Roosevelt Stadium, State Route 440 & Danforth Avenue,
Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ

Chalkboard of haiku 63

Chalkboard of HaikuBackground photo : © Peter Lockley | Clarkson Creative
The original picture, here, see menu Collection.

Thank you Peter Lockley. A great photo.

Haiku : Richard Jodoin

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Haiga of football 53

Mid-SeasonOriginal photo : North High School,  Worcester, Massachusetts. 1946.
Photographer : Andrew Love.
The original picture, here.

Thank you Jordan Smith.

Haiku & haiga : Richard Jodoin

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